8th International Whitehead Conference, 2011

Creativity and Harmony:

The Way of Eco-Sophia for the Future of Civilization

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, September 26-29, 2011

General Objectives:

The Eco-Sophia Symposium 2011, sponsored by Sophia University, the Japan Society for Process Studies, and International Process Network, aims at bringing into contact various research activities in diverse fields undertaken by philosophers, natural & social scientists, and theologians from all over the world, who are inspired by the Way of Eco-Sophia, creative wisdom of humanity living harmoniously with Nature and with Other Cultures & Other Religions for the future of civilization.

Convener: Yutaka Tanaka 
President of the Japan Society for Process Studies
Professor and Chair of the Graduate School of Philosophy, Sophia University

Email: ecosophia2011@iwc8.sakura.ne.jp Website: http://iwc8-japan.com/